Advanced Search Engine Tools

Texis 7

The only fully integrated SQL RDBMS that intelligently queries and manages databases containing

  • natural language text
  • standard data types
  • geographic information
  • images
  • video
  • audio
  • other payload data.

Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance

Combines the flexibility and power of TEXIS with the ease of use of a search appliance. It gives you an easy way to create applications that combine full-text and structured data, for example facets, without programming. Available as hardware or virtual machine (VM).

Web and Fileserver Search Products

Webinator 17

The Webinator is a sophisticated Web index and retrieval package built on the Texis platform. It allows the Website administrator to create and provide a high quality retrieval interface to collections of web documents no matter where they reside.

Thunderstone Search Appliance

The Thunderstone Search Appliance is a plug and play device, or virtual machine, combining the simplicity of a hosted service with the security and performance of a local solution. Built on our advanced Texis software, the Appliance can handle over 1,000 typical queries a minute, providing excellent value without adding administrative overhead.

Other Search Applications

Texis Categorizer

Automatically determines categories for documents or text records. The results can be stored in the database or drive further processing. Customers generally begin with a "taxonomy," or predetermined set of categories. However, the system is quite dynamic, in that authorized users may create new categories as needed.

Thunderstone Open Directory Search

Thunderstone's Open Directory Search engine software imports the raw data provided by dmoz, and provides an interface to browse and search the data. Written in Vortex, customers can host a high performance search engine using the Open Directory data, that they can customize easily to their own needs. Contact us for more information.

Data Services

Thunderstone Data Services provides Internet (Cloud) presence for demanding Web applications. All Data Services sites include usage licenses to both Texis and Webinator and multi-megabit connectivity.

The Best Home for your Data

You won't find a better home for your data, and a comparable site package would cost more than $100,000 in the first year.

If your project requires a combination of best-of-class database software, high speed connectivity, knowledgeable technical support, and no down-time tolerance, contact us.


"Thunderstone's ability to customize based on those very, very specific requirements that we had made it a great choice, because at each level we are able to make it do exactly what we want it to do. With Thunderstone Texis you have the option of using it right out of the box, one size fits all, just install it and run. However, and this is what I think so many people don't realize out in the industry, Texis also enables a level of customization that lets you go down to the 'nth degree' depending on whatever your requirements are."

Derek Matthews Lead Knowledge Architect Ariba, Inc.

"What we have in this particular case is a Native American user group thesaurus language. It's been developed, and it can be added to. The more that it's used -- and you put that feedback loop back into this thesaurus -- the smarter it becomes. And it starts to create, with this new millennium, a written mind that parallels the thesaurus user group's community. This is something that Texis is equipped to deal with that the other stuff out there is not equipped to deal with. It's part of its strength."

Kathy Pincus Chief Technology Officer Mnemotrix Systems, Inc.
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