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All-in-one hardware, software and support for easier enterprise and public search

Quickly add high quality search results to an internal or external site. The Thunderstone Search Appliance is available as a plug-and-play device or virtual machine that combines the simplicity of a hosted service with the security and performance of a local solution.

  • Unlimited collections provide separate searches for different communities, websites or topics.
  • Fast response with the ability to handle 20+ queries per second, more than enough for peak times.
  • Large capacity with models to handle from 20,000 to tens of millions of documents in a single device, and even more with custom configurations.
  • Preconfigured to your needs to be ready to go as soon as you plug it in.
  • Crawls any number of web servers by combining all content needed into one or more collections.
  • Indexes PDFs, JavaScript and Flash/Shockwave content and links to ensure all website content is indexed.
  • Crawls a variety of server types to index data served by HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Gopher or your file server.
  • Duplicate detection to index only one copy of identical documents.
  • A remove common option automatically removes header and footer information.
  • Include/exclude tags allows choosing which portions of web pages are indexed, so template text can be ignored.
  • Insert a single page to the index at any time to keep it current.
  • DataLoad API allows data to be pushed into the appliance.
  • Categories of content can be defined to allow for finer control over searches.
  • Relevance rank is controlled through five separate knobs to determine how search results are ranked.
  • Predefined HTML templates enable easy creation of the search interface.
  • XML stylesheet support allows for creation of custom user interfaces using standard XSL transformations.
  • Spell check corrects query misspellings using your vocabulary.
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As an all-in-one hardware, software and support search solution that comes pre-configured, the search appliance provides excellent value without adding administrative overhead or the need for costly professional service providers. You simply plug it in, set the controls if needed and your users can begin searching.



Using Thunderstone's advanced Texis software platform, index and retrieve information from your corporate website and Intranet, and information stored throughout the organization in databases, folders, Windows and NFS file servers and more than 150 file types (including Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat), as well as public searching on your website. It can even do both at the same time, keeping private and public information segregated in completely separate databases.



The appliance can run more than 1,000 typical queries a minute with a virtual machine image and three hardware configurations that can handle from 20,000 documents to tens of millions of documents in a single device, and even more with custom configurations.



Information can be indexed directly from a database for even more advanced search capabilities. Databases supported include MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL and, of course, Thunderstone Texis.



For added peace of mind, the Thunderstone search appliance is backed by a two-year warranty and Thunderstone provides direct support via remote diagnostics and maintenance for two years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is designed to be a "plug-and-play solution." Just plug it in, set the controls and your users can begin searching. And, Thunderstone's award-winning software delivers the same quality results its customers have come to expect for more than 35 years. Because the Thunderstone Search Appliance is an all-in-one hardware and software solution, it doesn't take a small army of professional service providers to get it up and running or to keep it operating at peak. And, it’s affordable.

There are many unique features. Here are some examples:

The Thunderstone Search Appliance is easily the top performer in its class. It is able to perform 1,000 typical searches per minute and up to 2,500 per minute at peak. That's more than 1 million queries per day!

  • It does not require a web server as competitive products do. Non-web information does not have to be published to a website in order to be accessed.
  • It indexes PDFs, JavaScript and Flash content and links. This is important for crawling web content that can’t be found via conventional HTML hyperlinks.
  • No other search provider has more experience developing high-end, high quality search capabilities. Whether it's "crawling" dynamic JavaScript links or highlighting hits in Acrobat or providing "best bets" functionality to assist searchers, Thunderstone continues in its position as the technological innovator in the field of search.

Thunderstone's internal search algorithms have been developed and refined over the past 35 years and utilize many factors to produce the relevancy and ranking of its search results. Thunderstone search software has been used to perform literally billions of searches over the last 20 years and we use that knowledge to continually refine and enhance our capabilities to consistently set the standard for search quality and innovation. The Thunderstone Search Appliance's relevancy and ranking parameters can even be tuned by the user.

The Thunderstone Search Appliance combines the simplicity of a hosted service with the security and performance of a local solution. Using Thunderstone's advanced Texis software, the search appliance can index and retrieve information from your corporate website, your intranet and information stored throughout the organization in databases, folders and files. Thunderstone itself supports the appliance directly via remote diagnostics and maintenance. All-in-all, this provides excellent value without adding the administrative overhead associated with traditional enterprise search solutions.

We maintain a complete line of software-based search solutions in addition to the search appliance. These include our award winning Texis and Webinator products that can be customized to serve almost any information retrieval or search application. Also, Thunderstone offers the Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance, which combines the simplicity of an appliance environment with more of the advanced structured searching capabilities of Thunderstone Texis. The Thunderstone Parametric Search Appliance enables standard SQL data retrieval in combination with full-text search.

Yes. It can mount both NT and NFS files systems directly. No need to publish information to a website or implement a proxy server to access.

Yes. It has the ability to directly index many enterprise content stores and connectors are available for many other sources.

Yes, Thunderstone searches more than 150 file types, including Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat files.

Yes. It will index information directly from a database. Databases currently supported include MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL and, of course, Thunderstone Texis.

Yes. The appliance can index binary content assuming those files have some descriptive text (metadata), such as photo captions, song titles, etc.

We include two years of support and maintenance with the purchase of the Thunderstone Search Appliance. This includes upgrades, as well as replacement of the hardware if necessary. Many Thunderstone customers deploy two search appliances for redundancy because of the cost-effectiveness of the solution.

Yes. At this time, the Thunderstone Search Appliance is restricted only by United States Export Restrictions Policy, making it available, like all Thunderstone search solutions, almost everywhere around the globe

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Customer Testimonials

"All online reports are expected to be accurate and timely. The search appliance has been instrumental in improving our delivery of this information to Arvest associates."

Britt Bullock, Web Developer Arvest Bank

"We use a Thunderstone Search Appliance to search our company intranet. All the customization options are great. It has been a very valuable product to us. Overall, the product is very nice. And with all the customization options, we were able to make the search engine perform the way we wanted it to. Great job on delivering a great product."

Jeremy Townsend , Programmer/Internet Analyst Perdue Farms Inc.

"The search appliance is humming along like it doesn't know any better."

Paul Chenoweth, Belmont University

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