search appliance
Search Appliance

Parametric Search Appliance
  • Full-featured SQL RDBMS software optimized for text searching
  • Full-featured scripting language to build your own native or web-based application
  • Consulting available to aid in application building
  • Excellent replacement for Google’s discontinued website search software
  • Website indexing software
  • Pre-built application with a wide variety of options
  • Customizable scripts
  • Free and paid versions available
  • Excellent replacement for Google Search Appliance and Google Mini search software
  • Website and filesystem indexing hardware with pre-installed software
  • Closed system for quick and easy implementation onto your network
  • Includes everything available in Search appliance, plus combines the flexibility and power of TEXIS with the ease of use of an appliance
  • Easily create applications that combine full-text and structured data without programming
Software Standard Standard Optional Optional
Appliance N/A N/A Standard Standard
Virtual Machine N/A N/A Optional Optional
Hosted Optional Optional Optional Optional
Support Phone, Email, Message Board. 24x7 available.1
Ordering Call 216-820-2200 or contact us online

1 Support for Free Webinator limited to Message Board only.

Comparing Replacements for Google Search Appliance and Google Site Search

Google Search Appliance Replacement

Since Google is no longer selling new licenses for the Google Search Appliance (GSA), many organizations are looking for an ideal enterprise search solution. Thunderstone’s Search Appliance allows users to search hundreds of thousands up to millions of documents and provides the technical support to make the transition smooth.

Google Site Search Replacement

Whether you need a website search product that provides simple search results or a more customized search application, Thunderstone’s Webinator provides an ideal replacement for Google’s discontinued Site Search software. With the technical support to ease the transition from Google Site Search to Thunderstone site search, it’s no wonder Thunderstone is one of the top Google Site Search replacements.