1. Project Conversation

We start by discussing your project to understand your goals, timeline, budget and any other factors. We can then assess which solution would best meet your needs.

2. Demonstration/Free Proof of Concept

Whenever possible, we use your data so you can properly assess demo search results. Depending on the project complexity, the demo may be a complete, ready to deploy solution or a proof of concept showing our unique abilities to meet your core needs.

3. Deployment

Our team is there to support you when moving from demo to deployment to ensure a successful implementation.

Peace of Mind

Our team of experts provides ongoing support once the solution is in production, staying in contact to confirm that your needs are still being met and resolving any concerns that may arise. Plus, all products come with a 30-day money back guarantee, and our custom solutions are guaranteed to meet agreed upon specifications.


Protect Your Investment

All Thunderstone search solutions come with a perpetual license software, the ability to easily scale and penalty-free upgrades.