What Engineers Need from a Search Solution

A good search solution for engineering companies needs to be able to handle a wide variety of technical information.

Engineering firms typically have a structured structure for saving documents. A good search solution can allow users to take advantage of this specific folder structure to find blueprints, design files, and other documents by folder name or some other pertinent information. Search software can also help users find what they need by parsing these documents to find specific language such as part numbers or other technical information.

A normal search solution won’t do for engineering firms. Our customizable search software products comes with special features that successfully navigates complicated databases and multiple file types to deliver accurate search results for your users.

Engineer using a parametric search appliance.

Search Capabilities

  • Parametric capabilities – Parametric search helps you optimize your results. Thunderstone search appliance give you the ability to search, filter, and group on structured data.
  • File plugins for unique document types – Users need to be able to find more than just site pages. Our search solutions can index PDFs, CAD files, and other highly-technical files.
  • High-performance – Engineering firms can collect years’ worth of technical data. Our search solutions can handle up to tens of millions of documents in a single device.
  • Autocomplete – Our search solutions anticipate your users’ intent and offer suggestions to save them time and help them find what they need.
  • Spellcheck – No typo should slow down your users. Our search sifts through spelling errors and other typos to deliver quality results.
  • Thesaurus – Our customizable synonym checker allows users to find files based off the terminology they actually use and other similar wording.
  • Result rankings – If certain files tend to be accessed more often, we can allow you to rearrange content by relevance.
  • Weighted results – Certain pages are more important to you than others. We allow you to promote higher priority pages so that they appear higher up in your users’ search results.

Customer Service and Resources

Your IT staff shouldn’t have to implement custom search software on its own. Our team will works with you to quickly and easily install your new search software. We also provide customers with additional assistance from our experts and several online search resources.

  • Product manuals – We keep manuals and other useful information right on our site. These include our search appliance manual, a helpful guide on search interfaces, an admin area with info about our Webinator index system, and additional Webinator extras and scripts.
  • Developer resources – We also provide resources for developers who would rather fix things themselves. These include code examples, manuals, tutorials, and a quick reference guide.
  • Message board – If you have a problem, we’ve likely solved it for one of our other clients. We maintain a message board for all our clients, so you can search through there to see what they have to say about Thunderstone.
  • Tech support – If you can’t find what you need, we’re here to help. You can call one of our experts between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday or submit a technical support quest at any time to receive help from one of our staff.