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A Solution to Google Search Appliance Being Discontinued

February 11, 2016
A Solution to Google Search Appliance Being Discontinued

Google recently announced that it was discontinuing the hardware Google Search Appliance (GSA) as a product. This development leaves some end users wondering about search appliance solutions in the future, much like when the Google Mini was discontinued three years ago. Fortunately, the Thunderstone Search Appliance can help companies and organizations looking to replace existing Google Search Appliances once support ends.

Replacing Google Search Appliance with Thunderstone

Thunderstone has had a singular focus on helping organizations use search technology to improve their productivity and solve their unique business problems for over 36 years. For us, search is a tool that can help you with your objectives, not a vehicle to serve ads, add on more complex products, or force your data into the cloud (although if you want your data in the cloud we are happy to help).

When you choose someone to work with to meet your search requirements you are looking for someone who understands search and integrates new technology into search, but is not going to suddenly change focus based on today's buzzwords.

We work in a way that's best for you, not what's easiest for us, or what sounds “cool” today. You are also looking for a partner that understands your unique challenges. You are not a cookie cutter business, and your solutions should not be either. We have worked in many industries solving a variety of challenges, and have the flexibility and experience to understand how to provide the most value to your organization.

A Better Search Appliance

Image of Thunderstone Search Appliance, an alternative to the discontinued Google Search Appliance.

When you choose Thunderstone, you get more than just a search appliance. We offer a perpetual license with ongoing support to provide your organization the value you need. Unlike Google search appliance, we're not going anywhere. Our proven support and product capabilities have already earned us the appreciation of our current clients:

"Our decision to buy and deploy three Thunderstone Search Appliances saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs." — Kevin J. Payne, Director of System Applications, U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
"[A] huge Thunderstone fan... we had a 'search' for a while for a replacement for the unbelievably [high] priced Google Search Appliance, and found you guys, and haven't looked back since." — David Pagini, Voya Investment Management

Upgrade to Thunderstone Search Appliance

If you're looking for a new search appliance solution or need to find a replacement for an old Google search appliance, contact us online or give us a call at 216-820-2200 for more information about upgrading to Thunderstone.