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Thunderstone Search Appliance Sbe Gains Enterprise Features

December 14, 2006

Cleveland, OH --Dec 14, 2006 -- Thunderstone Software LLC announced the addition of results authorization to the SBE (Small Business Edition) Search Appliances with version 6.2. Results authorization has been part of the Enterprise appliance for over a year, and ensures that users only see results that they have permission to open.

Working across file-servers and web-based intranets and applications, small businesses can now deploy a search solution secure in the knowledge that their employees will not find documents they don't have access to.


The Thunderstone Search Appliance provides a "plug and play" search solution for intranets and web sites. It indexes most document formats and can be extensively customized by non-technical managers.

The Thunderstone Search Appliance was rated a "Great Choice" and praised for "simplicity, low cost of ownership, and extensibility" in a recent independent analysis by the Patricia Seybold Group. Appliances scale up to handle collections with many of millions of documents. Example acquisition cost is $4,995 for a version to index 100,000 documents. U.S. government customers may purchase Search Appliances through the GSA Schedule.

Thunderstone Software LLC is a pioneer of search engine technology, providing text retrieval products to industry, government, and educational institutions since 1981. For more information, contact Thunderstone at +1 216-820-2200, , or

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