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Thunderstone Releases Version 20

January 16, 2018
Thunderstone Releases Version 20

New features include

Rank Bias
Parametric profiles gain new capabilities to set a bias on a per document field using data from field rules.  This allow documents to be biased up or down in the search results, for example PDF results could be biased down, or documents with "Important" in a meta tag could be ranked higher.


Content Repositories
Azure Blob Storage support was added for crawling content stored in Azure Blobs.
File Share Robustness
Network shares are remounted if needed at the start of a crawl.
Audit Logging
The ability to log all setting modifications was added to aid with auditing setting changes.
Other fixes
Miscellaneous other bug fixes and enhancements to the crawl and search interfaces.  See the announcement on the message board for full details.


Search Appliance Version 20 is available to all Search Appliance and Parametric Search Appliance customers who have a current maintenance plan by following the menu System / System Setup / Update Software.

Webinator Version 20 is available to all Webinator customers who have a current maintenance plan by contacting Thunderstone.

For 36 years Thunderstone Software has been dedicated to providing the best search solutions possible to government, corporate, and non-profit customers, with exceptional service and devotion to finding the right solution for the customer.

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