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Thunderstone Releases Version 19

August 7, 2017
Thunderstone Releases Version 19

New features include

Entity Recognition
Parametric profiles gain new capabilities to extract information from document text. Now even documents with no metadata can contribute terms to faceted navigation, via entity recognition. For example, a list of terms, e.g. cities or manufacturers, can be defined for extraction and then searched or grouped by. Or a regular expression can be crafted to match a specific pattern of data — e.g. a defined syntax for part or social security numbers. And the XML syntax for such entities is largely compatible with GSA syntax, making upgrading a snap.


Dashboard Statisitics
Several new statistics have been added to help monitor activity, including the search rate, fetch rate, and document growth rate so you can identify problems that may arise in the future.
Unmount Shares
Network shares can now be unmounted without removing the settings.
XSS Protection fix
Browsers may have warned on the settings page about possible XSS problems.  There was no vulnerability in the appliance, and the settings were updated correctly, however now the XSS warnings no longer are triggered.
Other fixes
Miscellaneous other bug fixes and enhancements to the crawl and search interfaces including result counts and some REX expression handling.  See the announcement on the message board for full details.


Search Appliance Version 19 is available to all Search Appliance and Parametric Search Appliance customers who have a current maintenance plan by following the menu System / System Setup / Update Software.

Webinator Version 19 is available to all Webinator customers who have a current maintenance plan by contacting Thunderstone.

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