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Thunderstone Releases Version 18

February 23, 2017
Thunderstone Releases Version 18

New features include

Meta search profile biasing
In a meta (federated) search each profile can be given a weight for additional control over the output to favor certain backend profiles.
Canonical URL support
The crawler will now respect link rel="canonical" headers to index the canonical form of the URL.


HTTPS/SSL Cipher support
More flexibility in specifying supported ciphers to let you balance security and older browser support.
Reject Rules always honored
Reject rules will now always be honored, so pages will be removed from the index on a refresh if they rules now exclude them, and robots.txt rules that block the base URL will still be kept.
Faceted search counts
Faceted search counts improved when estimated due to large number of results.
Other fixes
Miscellaneous other bug fixes and enhancements to the crawl and search interfaces.


Search Appliance Version 18 is available to all Search Appliance and Parametric Search Appliance customers who have a current maintenance plan by following the menu System / System Setup / Update Software.

Webinator Version 18 is available to all Webinator customers who have a current maintenance plan by contacting Thunderstone.

For 35 years Thunderstone Software has been dedicated to providing the best search solutions possible to government, corporate, and non-profit customers, with exceptional service and devotion to finding the right solution for the customer.

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