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Thunderstone Offers Product Catalog Search

April 21, 2014

Increase sales and reduce customer service calls when your customers quickly and easily find the products they need.

CLEVELAND, OH — Thunderstone Software LLC announces the Thunderstone Catalog Search solution designed so all kinds of business, from manufacturers, industrial supply and other B2B suppliers to online web stores can boost sales with enhanced search capabilities.

  • Query auto-complete providing suggestions as you type, often showing the desired product with a few keystrokes
  • Full catalog import allows searching and faceting on any attribute
  • Automatically select facets based on search results
  • Highly configurable search results order, using one or more of: relevance, popularity, rating, price, profit, "featured", any other product attribute, e.g. size or capacity
  • Preconfigured searches on SEO friendly pages
  • Analytics integration
  • Configurable search result styles including grid and list, which can include pictures and "Add to Cart" links.

The Thunderstone Catalog Solution can be delivered in a variety of ways to suit the customer, include a hosted SaaS solution, virtual appliance, hardware appliance or software. Each comes with Thunderstone’s Head Start Assistance which ensures a successful deployment, and Investment Protection Program so as your needs grow the solution can be scaled up without starting over with a new solution.

To find out more about the Thunderstone Catalog Solution call +1 216 820 2200, Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Eastern Time, or visit After an initial needs analysis you can try the solution for 30-days with your own catalog to see how it can enhance your web based catalog.

For over 30 years Thunderstone Software has been dedicated to providing the best search solutions possible to government, corporate, and non-profit customers, with exceptional service and devotion to finding the right solution for the customer.

For further information call +1 216-820-2200, visit or email