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Reduce Hardware Needs
Built with over 35 years of experience running on all types of hardware, our products help keep your infrastructure costs low, whether hosting yourself or in the cloud.
Get Started Easily
Get the solution you want running quickly, with our Head Start Program included with all solutions.

Your success is our goal. Tell us what you want to do and we'll help you choose the ideal product.

Grows with you
Start with a solution that meets your needs now, and with our Investment Protection Program you can scale the solution to meet your growing needs by simply adding to your existing solution, not starting over with a new investment.
Reduce Costs
In addition to lower initial and ongoing costs than some others you get a perpetual license for uninterrupted usage.
Works with your infrastructure
Prebuilt and custom solutions available in any form factor: Self contained appliance as hardware or VM, Installable software for Windows Server, Linux, Solaris, Hosted in the cloud (SaaS).


"What we have in this particular case is a Native American user group thesaurus language. It's been developed, and it can be added to. The more that it's used -- and you put that feedback loop back into this thesaurus -- the smarter it becomes. And it starts to create, with this new millennium, a written mind that parallels the thesaurus user group's community. This is something that Texis is equipped to deal with that the other stuff out there is not equipped to deal with. It's part of its strength."

Kathy Pincus Chief Technology Officer Mnemotrix Systems, Inc.
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